FEMAP is a CAD - Independent Windows-native pre- and post processor for advanced engineering finite element analysis (FEA). More detail

NEi Nastran is a powerful, general purpose Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tool with an integrated graphical user interface and model Editor which is used to analyze linear and nonlinear stress, dynamics, and heat transfer characteristics of structures and mechanical components. It represents the latest in FEA technology with some of the fastest solvers on the market along with accurate solutions that have been trusted for nearly 20 years by companies in all industries. NEi Nastran is available on a wide variety of platforms including 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems.

NEi Explicit is a parallel explicit solver that is completely integrated within the NEi Nastran environment. NEi Explicit solves complex nonlinear material problems, large deformation contact problems, and very large multi million degree of freedom (DOF) static and quasi static models. Plus, existing Nastran users can directly analyze a Nastran implicit model in the NEi Explicit solver without any changes to the analysis file. The NEi Explicit solver is well suited for these large types of nonlinear problems providing fast, robust performance because there are no matrices formed which means a small memory footprint for the model. The explicit architecture lends itself to highly scalable parallel performance, and large deformation contact solutions with highly nonlinear material behavior.

NEi Nastran in-CAD represents a new approach to engineering analysis and simulation software. NEi Nastran in-CAD joins two powerful technologies - 3D, parametric CAD for model creation, and high accuracy, industry-proven, award-winning, Nastran solvers for solution generation.

NEi Nastran for Creo is the first embedded Nastran solution for Creo Parametric. Creo Parametric users can take advantage of the proven technology of NEi Nastran solvers delivered in the Creo environment. NEi Nastran offers advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA), including composites, linear, nonlinear, dynamics and heat transfer solutions. 

NEi Fusion is a new approach to engineering analysis and simulation software which joins two powerfull technologies: 3D feature based, parametric CAD for model creation, and industry proven Nastran solvers for solution generation. 

NEi Works is NEiNastran FEA software embedded in Solid Works which provides a wide spectrum of analysis and simulation tasks depending on the solvers selected, and the configuration package.

Nastran FX is an integrated Finite Element Analysis program co-developed by NEi Software and MIDAS Information Technology. NEi Nastran FX provides advanced analysis solutions, such as nonlinear analysis, surface contact, and optimum design based on the industry standard of Nastran solutions.